Education within Aesthetic Gyneacology (non-surgical)


Education within Aesthetic Gyneacology

A unique educational program in aesthetic gyneacology will take place at Lotuskliniken (Swedish Medical Aesthetic Clinic) in Malmo, where you as a licensed physician will have the opportunity to sharpen your skills and thus broaden your professional working field.

This intensive course will be covering two full days of training and is led by our specialist doctor in gyneacology and obstetrics, with great experience in aesthetic gyneacology. What significantly distinguishes Lotuskliniken in Sweden is the focus on both traditional gynecology and aesthetic gynecology.

Aesthetic gyneacology is a field that is growing at an unparalleled speed
due to increased demand from women all over the world, but in Sweden there is still a lack of established competence. Therefore, there are good opportunities to make yourself a very successful business, but also a chance to work at Lotuskliniken, after completing the course.

The course teaches a series of revolutionary non-surgical aesthetic vaginal treatments. The treatments are highly result-oriented, as we only use and train our participants with the best instruments and techniques the market has to offer. All machines are highly ranked internationally in the industry. The course’s teaching arrangement is mainly clinical, but all treatments begin with theory studies before continuing”hands-on”.

Dr Selma operation

Non-surgical Aesthetic Gyneacology

Prerequisites: Licensed physician
Language: Swedish & English
Venue: Lotuskliniken, Norregatan 4 a, 211 27, Malmö

Course program and payment details will be sent separately to the same email adress you use for your  registration. Register for course interest below.

For questions and course details, do not hesitate to contact us at or +46 700 966907.

40 000 SEK

Exklusive of VAT.

The fee includes equipment & course necessities, models, certificate and also lunch and snacks both days.

After completing the course, you will master the following treatments:

(Laser treatment against urinary incontinence, weakened vaginal muscles that can occur after childbirth by example, and for vaginal skin rejuvenation)

(Laser treatment that increases elasticity in the labia majora, which can occur loose and with excessive skin after pregnancy or severe weight loss)

Vaginal Fillers
(For labia majora, to enfold the labia minora in a more aesthetically flattering way)

Augmentation of G-spot
(Hyaluronic acid is injected into G-spot for increased female sexual stimulation)

Vaginal whitening
(Treatment against hyperpigmentation, which is either biological or which may have been caused by childbirth, pregnancy, friction, tight clothing or hormonal imbalance. We teach 4 techniques: Fractional Co2 laser, Microneedling, PRP and Pink Intimate System serum)

Vaginal PRP
(To increase the quality and moisture balance inside of the vagina)

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* If you wish to participate in only a few certain treatments, please contact us for more details.